What I’m currently…

Reading and Watching.  Thought I’d share.



1.  Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone–J.K. Rowling (This is a re-read, although it’s the first time to read this particular version–the British version & also Gryffindor special edition. 🙂 Was a gift from a friend!)


2.  King of Hearts: Agape–Toby Hibbs

OK, so this is my brother’s book that he wrote.  Finally getting around to reading it.  Yay.


3.  A Treasury of Victorian Murder Compendium–Rick Geary

This is a graphic novel, which is not something I read often, but this is really cool!


4.  A Poetry Handbook–Mary Oliver


5.  Influencing Hemingway–Nancy W. Sindelar


6.  The First Year:  Fibromyalgia–Claudia Craig Marek


7. A Praying Life:  Connecting with God in a Distracting World–Paul E. Miller



Watching (the current & most recent I’ve watched, in movies & tv): 

I’ll include my rating on these out of 5 stars.

1.  The Ring Two (2005)


3 stars

2.  Paranormal Activity:  The Ghost Dimension (2015)


3 1/2 stars

3.  Miss Potter (2006)

2nd viewing


4 stars

4.  Northanger Abbey (2007)

2nd viewing (love the guy playing the “romantic hero”, Henry Tilney


3 1/2 stars

5.  Underworld:  Blood Wars (2016)


Love this series, and this one was well done, but I don’t like it as much as I do the Resident Evil series (of which I gave 5 stars to the finale), so I’m only giving it

3 1/2 stars

6.  Mr. Holmes (2015)


Second viewing. Super cute movie!  Love the actors in it, too!

4 stars

7.  Sleepy Hollow (the series) 2014-

I’m only on Season 2, Episode 4 (watching on Hulu), so if you’ve watched past that, no spoilers, please!  LOVE this series!

8.  Ripper Street (series–watching on Netflix)

One of my top favorite shows ever.  Am currently up to Season 3, episode 4, so again, no spoilers.

9.  Doc Martin (series, watching on Netflix) 2013-

10.  Intruders (series, on Hulu) 2014-

Looks like this one got cancelled.  I just have one episode left.  It’s a bit chaotic and crazy, but I’ve been enjoying it, so I’m bummed it doesn’t go on after the 8th episode, & I’m gonna be really bummed if I’m left in confusion after the 8th episode!

11.  Dark Shadows (the old series with Jonathan Frid–watching on Hulu)

Currently up to episode 258.




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