My Top 10 Picks for Writing & Creativity Websites

I know Writer’s Digest does a yearly list of the best websites for writers, but I wanted to share my personal picks.


I like Refdesk because there’s just SO much on it.  It’s great for research, inspiration, and just a bit of fun to breakup your daily routine.  From encyclopedias to weather resources to the thought of the day, today in history, to daily diversions and photos, lists, etc,… There’s so much to explore!  Just make sure you set yourself a time limit, or you’ll end up losing track of time and not getting anything done. 🙂

2. Pinterest

I know everyone knows about Pinterest, but I have to include it because it is one of my favorites.  There’s SO much information and inspiration on there!  You can find writing tips, writing prompts, images, ideas for plot, characters, and more.  And you can make storyboards for your novels or make boards for character inspiration or general writing inspiration.  These are a few I have on mine:

Character Inspiration–Girls & Women

Writing Inspiration

Writing Resources & Reference

And this is one of my boards with research for my current wip, The Dark Night is Near:  TDNIN–Asylums & Research

3.  Ink and Quills

This has some great articles on writing.

4. Writing World

This website is full of articles and tips

5. Writer Unboxed

Another one with lots of great articles & topics!

6. writetodone

More articles

7. Freelancewritinggigs

This is a good resource for writing gigs

8. Writing Worksheets

I absolutely love this!  It has lots of great writing worksheets you can print out and use with your works in progress and other writing related things.

9. K.M. Weiland

This woman has lots of great advice and tips for writing!

10. Holly Lisle

She is moving her website, but I highly recommend “moving” with her.  Her website has been one of my favorites for many years, with tons of great articles about writing.

Anything you would add to the list?  What are your favorites?  Share in the comments!


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