New Beginnings

Hi!  So, I had an old blog, on blogger, and I wanted to start posting in it regularly again, but I have no followers there and decided I would just create a brand new blog.  This is a personal blog and will be about many different things–books, movies, creativity, writing, and life.

My title came from a poem by William Wordsworth, called Intimations on Immortality.  (Look it up!  It’s an awesome poem!) To me, it means that whatever we go through in life, we can always find joy.

Let me briefly introduce myself.  I am Holly, and I am first and foremost a Christian, I am a writer, book lover, list maker, bullet journal enthusiast, friend, sister, daughter, and aunt.  I have moderate to severe fibromyalgia.  God helps me to deal with my pain and problems and brings true joy to my journey.  I have a beautiful grey (yes, I prefer the English spelling) tabby named Gracie, who loves to snuggle with me and play “fetch” with her toys.  I enjoy writing and receiving letters, movies, music, hanging out with my family, chatting with my best friend online, crafting, going to flea markets, coloring (colored pencils are my favorite to use for that), and love to laugh.

I look forward to sharing more with you and getting to know some of you and hoping some of what I write will resonate with you, and make you feel at home here!

Will you join me on my journey?